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 Who is the person behind A.R. collections?! Who picks out the collections, writes the blogs, steams the clothes; well me of course. Who is me?! "Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Kelsey Steenwyk. Let me tell you about my journey as an entrepreneur and how it all began"...

I have always loved clothing, and thought of style as an art. I decided to follow my track dreams along with studying textile and apparel studies at Western Michigan University. I was apart of MODA, which is a fashion program available for all students. I was president of public relations; "How fun was it to find fashionistas across the whole student body, interview them, take pictures and write a blog about them?!" My plans for after graduation were to move to Los Angeles, and be this big time buyer for a big time clothing company. I had it all planned out how my life was going to be until BOOM... I found out I was pregnant. " Was I going to finish college, what about my career in fashion?" The only reason that I am where I am today with my business is all because of one person in my life. She has the title Mom! My whole life, she has pushed me to follow my dreams and to take risks. She pushed me to finish college, while helping me raise my little boy, who I couldn't imagine my life without. She was the one that told me to go for it, and open my own boutique. I owe a huge thank you to her, because I wouldn't be where I am with this job that I love without her.



We are coming up on our one year of opening and next week Thursday marks our " A.R. collections One Year Celebration!" We couldn't be more excited to show you our new Spring line. There will be giveaways, appetizers, and goodie bags for the first 25 people who attend. Can't wait to see you all there, I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey.

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  • I just read your message and I have tears in my eyes!!!! That was great that you gave your Mom so much credit in helping you!!! Your Mom loves you so much!!! I’m so happy your doing so good with your AR Collection’s!!! Keep up the good work!! Love you❤️

    Arla Hop

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